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Busy Busy

It’s been a while since I updated here, but I’ve not been idle!

Well… I’ve been kind of idle, but that’s just my nature. Mostly I’ve been starting projects then not finishing them, but I do have a couple of new things to show off:

Den of Thieves is the first mini-supplement for my Overton line, featuring a small map and a bunch of ne’er-do-wells for the player characters to get stuck in to. It’s intended for use as a jumping-off point for a new game or a one-shot encounter to be dropped into an existing one.

Dragonslayer is an interactive fiction game I made in Twine, playable for free over on itch.io. If you like it, feel free to click the ‘support this game’ button at the bottom of the screen and throw some cash my way. =)

I’ve also been flexing my layout skills on indie projects like Chambara.

So that’s the update. I’m now working on a variety of other projects (when am I not?) but I’m loath to give away any details in case I flake on them and do something else instead. =P

GM’s Day Sale

Plague of Storms is now available in print!

What’s more, it’s 30% off in both print and pdf during the DrivethruRPG GM’s Day Sale! So if you’ve been thinking of getting it but waiting for the price to drop… well, now it’s dropped.

I’d grumble about it eating into my profit margin but given the number of games I’ve grabbed for a huge discount on Steam that would make me a colossal hypocrite. =P