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Fatescape is meant to emulate the old Planescape setting for AD&D using the Fate system, which I feel does a better job of capturing the strangeness of the setting in a workable game system than any edition of D&D. It could do with a minor presentation overhaul but sadly a) I lost all the Indesign files in a recent hard drive implosion and b) I don’t have a working version of Indesign since CS3 refuses to work on Windows 8 and Adobe’s current subscription-based service is way too expensive for me. So it’s pretty much set in stone unless and until I pull all the text out and reflow it in Scribus. Anyway. Fatescape is Fate + D&D. Go crazy.

Exalted Mass Combat Rewrite

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The mass combat rules in Exalted 2e are rubbish. This presents a brief outline of a better system which borrows from the mass combat in Legend of the Five Rings and Seventh Sea, focusing on the actions of the player characters and how they affect the field of battle.

Because it’s a brief outline if you use these you’ll need to make a bunch of rulings regarding how charms interact with it, but I reckon it’s a solid base for further expansion.

Exalted in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

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Continuing my theme of ‘I love this setting but the system is terrible’ I sketched out a way of running Exalted using the MHR/Cortex+ rules. Now the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide has been released you could probably expand it considerably and/or do a better job with a little work, but I figure this’ll do if I ever want to run Exalted again. If it inspires someone else to expand or rewrite it properly, so much the better.

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