I have written some roleplaying material not under the Certain Death imprint:

On Silver Wings, an adventure for the Witch Hunter game now wrapped into the second edition product Legion’s Cycle.

Four rituals for Azagar’s Book of Rituals, for 4e D&D.

One of the bonus adventures in the complete War of the Burning Sky campaign, for D&D 3.5.

Crimson Caves, for Pathfinder. (Used to be available but not any more?)

Three of the Gods of Porphyra. (Pathfinder)

Four of the Lands of Porphyra. (Pathfinder)

Gods and Monsters, one of the products released by the Fate Worlds Patreon.

I’ve also written some short stories, way back when:

The Canau Deception and Won’t Be Missed for Big Pulp magazine.

The New Mythology and At Dawn for Schlock Magazine, now accessible only by Wayback Machine (boo).

And a couple of interactive fiction pieces:

Dragonslayer is a story about a woman out to kill a dragon.

brevity quest is a tongue-in-cheek D&D-style adventure, playable in ~10 minutes if you only want to do one run-through.

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