Quick Samples

Two scenarios from Bleak Spirit. Melancholy, mysterious, dangerous.

Suggestions for departmental shenanigans at Pigsmoke magical college.

Eight of the potential lovers from The One. (Please excuse the duff graphic design and focus on the content.)

Won’t Be Missed, a short story about a wizard and his demigod ex-girlfriend.


Bleak Spirit is an RPG about exploring gloomy, crumbling places in the vein of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. It uses a rotating GM system to ensure that every story is generated collaboratively by the whole group: no-one knows what they’re going to face until the very end!

Pigsmoke is a sitcom RPG about wizard academics. Chase tenure, avoid burnout, and solve your problems with terrible plans that definitely won’t come back to haunt you.

“Play Pigsmoke. This game should be all over Tumblr, Twitter, and everywhere else that likes roleplaying, modern fantasy, and/or making fun of modern.” — Owen, of the Big Gay Nerds podcast.

Attorneys at Jaw is a three-page RPG about playing sharks who are also lawyers. You can’t change the FACTS… but you might be able to twist them to your own ends!

The One is a single-player RPG about romance and relationships in a weird fantasy city. It contains all the rules you need and 52 characters to hook up, settle down, or spectacularly fall out with. Everyone from Lady Verity the knight to Leviathan the primordial serpent.

“This is a delightful game of relationships in a planar world by @potatocubed which is absolutely worth your attention.” — Jason Pitre, designer of Sig, After the War, and many other games. (link)

Gods and Monsters is a Fate World of Adventure where you play divinities who must walk a fine line between revelling in their power and being consumed by it. Shape the world, and yourself.

“If I could make one change, I’d be Chris Longhurst and I’d have written “Gods and Monsters”” — Dave Joria, author of Masters of Umdaar among other things. (link)

Bear Essentials is a supplement for Pathfinder intended to answer the pressing need for bear-themed monsters of every threat level from 0 to 20.

Interactive Fiction

brevity quest is a sprawling Twine game which gently sends up fantasy tropes. My coding on it is janky as hell (ask me about combinatorial explosion) but the writing’s still fun.

Dragonslayer is my first completed Twine game, intended as a meditation on how we don’t get to control how other people tell our story.