Well, I’ve released my first solo (ish) RPG product – Plague of Storms – so I thought I’d inaugurate my company website with a post about it.

Ana the giantess is not impressed by your shenanigans.

Ana the giantess is not impressed by your shenanigans.

The design stems from a throwaway line I saw on RPGnet a long, long time ago which went something like “the design space for ‘dark lord of storms’ is awfully large”. I posted a drive-by comment about a campaign based around several dark lords of storms battling it out to be the Darkest Stormiest Lord and went back to whatever it was I was doing without a second thought.

But the idea hung around, and once I had enough free time to run another game I pitched it to my gang of usual suspects as a D&D 4th Edition game – I imagined it being quite combat-heavy, and the robust tactical game of D&D 4e would have been perfect. I got four players and the game ran: people were powerbombed through tables, arks were stolen, gnomes were betrayed, and one boss fight took place entirely falling through the air. But the entire time we were playing I was fighting the D&D system and thinking ‘this would be so much better in Dungeon World’.

Then I noticed someone on another forum complain about the lack of GM-facing Dungeon World material, like adventures, and I thought “I can do something about that.” I gathered up my old 4e campaign notes and started writing.

That was back in September 2014. Plague of Storms as available from Drivethru isn’t exactly the same as the 4e version – I’ve polished it up, tweaked it here and there where the original ideas weren’t great, and taken advantage of DW’s greater creative freedom and other advantages to better realise some of the ideas I struggled to implement in D&D – but it keeps the core ideas of a complex political situation, a war, a flood, and hopefully plenty of ridiculous fun.

I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who plays it. What adventures did your group get up to?

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