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Bundle of Holding!

It may or may not be news to anyone who follows this site, but Plague of Storms is part of the current Dungeon World Bundle of Holding!

It’s about $18 at the time of writing to get access to the whole pile of DW stuff, and there are some great products in there: Inverse World and Last Days of Anglekite are fantastically imaginative settings with piles of custom content, and Perilous Wilds is chock full of useful rules stuff even if you don’t use all of it.

If you don’t already have these things, then this is an awesome entry price – you even get a copy of Dungeon World thrown in, so you could just use this bundle as a jumping-off point for a whole new game!

Gods and Monsters

I’ve been working away on Twine-based IF for the most part recently, hence the silence on this blog. The latest Certain Death release was Overton — a little free setting that I plan to expand with adventures when the IF bug wears off later this year — but the latest thing on DrivethruRPG with my name on it is Gods and Monsters, a Fate World I wrote for Evil Hat.

Even if you’re not sold based on my writing, the art is fantastic. I mean, get a load of this:

Gloria’s an NPC in the sample adventure.

And that’s not even the best one!

There’s a discussion currently going on over at RPG.net about rules clarifications here, and the changes from that are going to be incorporated into the pdf soon. (The update will be free if you’ve already bought the pdf, so don’t let impending changes put you off.)